veterans’ council

Within the walls of the National Guard Academy, a veteran organization is actively working, which includes 105 veterans of the law enforcement forces. In general, more than 200 servicemen left the walls of the higher military educational institution for a well-deserved rest.
The purpose of this organization is to assist veterans and pensioners of the Internal Troops and the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participate in patriotic, military and aesthetic education of cadets, assist in the formation of young officers.
The Council of Veterans is headed by the head of the Petropavlovsk Higher Military School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1999-2000, now Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Academy of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, retired Colonel Akhmetov Sabit Kamitovich, who graduated from the Leningrad Higher Political School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR in 1973 and held positions from platoon commander to compound commander. A huge contribution to the education of future officers is made by veterans of the law enforcement forces – retired colonels: Orlov Valery Mikhailovich and Davletgireev Fayruz Khamitovich, reserve colonels: Doszhanov Bauyrzhan Ailanayevich and Kaliev Askar Kabdushevich, they are also members of the Council of Veterans of the Academy. Also, the Deputy chairman of the Council of Veterans, Colonel of the reserve Kozhakhmetov Bolat Tashimovich, and the secretary of the veteran organization, reserve foreman Danilkina Svetlana Valentinovna, organize and attend all events of the Council.
Our veteran organization is still comparative, young, as well as the Academy as a whole – only 2 veterans have crossed the 70-year threshold, but they are all full of strength and energy, do not stay at home – lead an active lifestyle, do socially useful things. Many veterans of the Academy continue teaching at the North Kazakhstan University named after M. Kozybayev, colleges, secondary educational institutions, military-technical schools, run military-patriotic clubs in the region. Such a rich experience of military-patriotic education always becomes a topic for discussion and exchange of views at conferences and seminars where our veterans participate.
Veterans take an active part in the public life of the Academy and in all events organized within the walls of the military educational institution — the swearing in of young cadets, the graduation of young officers and other solemn events dedicated to the celebration of state and other holidays. Meetings of veterans with officers and cadets have become traditional, both on holidays and on weekdays.
Education in the spirit of continuity of generations and familiarization of personnel with the best traditions of older generations are not just beautiful slogans, but an urgent need, the dictate of time and it is gratifying to note that they are successfully implemented and give deserved fruits. Their contribution to the education of the future generation is a significant help for the Academy of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.